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Your Impact

What can my contribution do?

Your gift, no matter how big or small, can truly make a difference

$35 - Information Kit

Could provide an information kit to someone who has been newly diagnosed with MND and their loved ones.

$55 - Etran Board

Could provide an ETRAN Board (a non-electronic communication aid using eye movement) to someone living with MND.

$75 - Run a Support Group

Could help run a support group for those impacted by MND.

$180 - Toilet Seat Raiser 

Could provide a toilet seat raiser for someone living with MND.

$270 - Education Session

Could contribute to an education session to inform people about motor neurone disease.

$600 - iPad Mini

Could provide an iPad Mini so someone living with MND can communicate and stay connected with their family, friends and community

Or your contribution may be bundled with other gifts to provide additional services and equipment items, such as support groups or an electronic power wheelchair.

What is My Impact?

On average, there are approximately 470 Victorians with MND at any one time. In Australia, 2 people are diagnosed with MND every day, and 2 people die of MND every day. 

All money raised through Shut Up! For MND directly supports Victorians living with MND by funding the direct care, support and vital assistive equipment required to help them live better for longer.

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