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Hints and tips

Handy hints and tips to make the most out of your Shut Up! Challenge experience

I nominate you!

Nominate 3 friends/family members as soon as you register!

1 is the loneliest number, isn't it?? Invite others to join you in Shutting Up! Tell the world who you nominate to via your preferred communication methods, whether it be via social media, phone, email or carrier pigeon. Remember, the more public your nomination, the harder it will be for them to say no.

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Join our Shut Up! Challenge Facebook page and Instagram page. Here we will be posting regular updates, tips and tricks about The Challenge and fundraising, and sharing your stories. Don't forget to tag us and use these hashtags so we can see your amazing work! @shutupformnd #ShutUpChallenge #ShutUpforMND  

Shut UP!

Ways to Shut Up! and still 'speak' 

There are many ways you can communicate without using your voice! You can write it down on a notepad or whiteboard, type it out on your phone, use a text to voice app, or even do an interpretive dance.

Get your workplace involved 

Tell your boss to Shut Up!

Who wouldn't love telling their co-worker to Shut Up!, especially if it's for a cause! Get your workplace to create a team and have some "meeting-free" time. It's the perfect way to get some quiet time and support a great cause, and you can adapt The Challenge to suit your business hours. Visit our Workplace page for more information.  

Lookin' good!

Personalise your fundraising page 

Your friends, family, c0-workers and community want to donate to YOU. Add a profile picture and a personalised bio on why you are taking on The Challenge!

Be an influencer

Use social media! 

You may be Shutting Up! but a picture can say a thousand words, so don't forget to get creative on your social media. We have all the resources you'll need to nominate friends, spread awareness and reach your fundraising target! 

On the day of The Challenge, you can show how you're communicating without using your voice.

Don't forget to tag us! 

Sharing is caring

Share your fundraising page 

Sharing is caring! Use the share links on your fundraising page to spread the word that you're taking on The Shut Up! Challenge and raising funds for Victorians impacted by MND. Make sure you tag us so we can see your posts! 

@shutupformnd #ShutUpChallenge #ShutUpforMND

Love an extra challenge?

Why not up your fundraising target! 

Your fundraising page will have a set fundraising goal of $250, but you can adjust this goal and aim higher! 

If you have already reached your goal, why not increase your target? It could inspire more people to donate to you.