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Get your workplace involved! It's the perfect way to get some quiet time and support a great cause.

Reasons to get involved in The Shut Up! Challenge:  

  • You can adopt The Challenge for your business hours
  • Any workplace, big or small, can take part 
  • There's no cost and it's very easy to do 
  • Provides an excuse for some "meeting-free" time, and encourages and promotes mental wellbeing 
  • Something new and exciting to be part of 
  • Supports Victorians living with MND
Get started 

How to Shut Up! at Work

1. Register for free

2. Create a team for your co-workers to join 

3. Share your team page link and nominate three colleagues to join you 

4. Use these resources to help spread the word 

5. Shut Up! on Thursday 28th October 2021 

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